education consultant

education consultant

Education Consultants are academic advisors. They typically work in K-12 school settings, but may also be hired by parents to advise children on colleges and private schools. Education Consultants provide guidance to a school’s teaching faculty on curriculum, teaching styles and recommended resources and textbooks. They may also recommend strategies to help improve a school’s rankings and academic standing.

An Education Consultant must juggle many duties and responsibilities to be successful. Although specific positions will dictate an Education Consultant’s undertakings, there are several core responsibilities common to this occupation. A review of current job listings identified the following primary tasks and responsibilities.

Develop Curriculum
Observe Teachers
Provide Data Analysis
Training and Employee Development

Education Consultant Skills

Education Consultants must be superb leaders and excellent communicators. They must be extremely organized and detail-oriented as well. Dependable, hardworking, and possessing a strong work ethic are also vital. Employers look for candidates with all of these traits as well as the traits listed here.

Core skills: Based on job listings we looked at, employers want Education Consultants with these core skills. If you want to work as an Education Consultant, focus on the following.

Proficient in personal computing skills
Experience with training and education
Project management experience
Experience evaluating statistics and performance measurements

What Kind of Services Could I Offer?

You could offer general consulting services or focus on a particular specialty as an independent consultant or as an employee of an educational consulting firm. In this profession, you could assess educational policies for a subject area or a grade level to recommend improvements to a different countries. Some examples of services you might offer include:

Universities & College selection
Improving student drop-out rates
Academic intervention
Social learning plans
School recovery
Secondary and middle school design

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